Why protein is so important

It seems like there are more and more bodybuilders that know how protein is important. There’s no need to say that one of the best ways to get a good amount of protein for your body is by eating solid food, but it is mostly not easy to get it due to the modern day life, and this is where protein shakes get the spot light.

So why do so many bodybuilders take protein shakes? Well, short lesson here: protein is the key component for the production of muscles. They also manufacture hormones, enzymes, and many immunity system’s components. Without protein, our regular bodies can’t put together those structures that make up every cell of your body, nor can it create the substances necessary for growth and muscle/tissue healing. Without a decent amount of protein every day, our muscles wouldn’t heal as quickly, leading to injury.

The best possible time to get some protein is after your workout. It’s simply because that’s where the protein is most efficient; it immediately starts the healing process to those muscles that have been worked out in the gym. As solid food needs a lot more time to digest and break down the protein, the best solution is to take a protein shake right after a workout. Whey protein has recently become a “fan-favorite” supplement for putting on muscle and equally improving their health.

The amount of protein that you should consume for building muscle is a minimum of 1,5 grams of protein per every kilogram of your body weight, and remember that any additional protein helps speed up the healing process, which isn’t bad at all.

In the end, regardless of your goals, protein should be an essential ingredient for achieving optimal performance for any human being; even those who don’t exercise can find advantages to protein.

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