Warning! This Little Girl Lost Her Beautiful Hair After Using a Popular Hair Product

Eliana Lawrence is an 11-year-old girl from Colorado USA. Two years ago, she completely lost her beautiful hair after using a celebrity hair care product.

She started using the product sometime around her 10th birthday. After using it for about the third time, her beautiful red hair started falling out in clumps.

And as if that wasn’t enough, because of the disastrous hair loss she experienced, her classmates in school started bullying her.

As a result, she retreated to her home where she had to be homeschooled. She also feared she has cancer.

The product name is Wen Hair Care and its creator is the celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean. The hair product was allegedly “natural,” and even endorsed by Brooke Shields.

Lawrence, along with thousands of other people who suffered devastating results with using this product are suing Wen Hair Care for damages. These results include hair loss, baldness, rashes, and itching.

It is unclear how the FDA has even approved this product, to begin with, but more than 21,000 people are demanding from the FDA to recall the product.

However, instead of issuing a recall for the product, the FDA said that it doesn’t have the authority to recall products on behalf of individual companies. Instead, the companies have to recall their dangerous products themselves.

The little girl has also written to two Colorado senators. She wants to encourage them to support the Personal Care Safety Act. The regulation will give more power to the FDA regarding hair and skin products.

As consumers, we should always watch out what we buy. We should regularly read labels of the commodities we purchase so we can prevent situations like this.

Today, Lawrence still has bald places on her head. Even though some of the hair has grown back, a lot of her hair follicles remain permanently damaged.

Watch the video to follow the full news report.

Remember: it is important to read every ingredient before purchasing!

Source: RelayHero
Image Source: TheDailyMail

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