This Vitamin Will Stop Growth of Cancer

That vitamin is vitamin D, and the statistics are showing that about 70% of American children don’t intake enough of this vitamin, and when it comes to adults, that number is 75%.

Vitamin D is very important to us and beneficial for the human body, helping in the prevention of many diseases, like cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.

It is very important to have proper consumption and enough of this vitamin in our body. And these are the common signs of deficiency:

  • Pain in bones
  • Sweating
  • Muscle weakness
  • Chronicle diseases
  • Depression
  • Heavy asthma
  • Connive damage, particularly in older people

A group of researchers from Norway conducted a study back in 2008 where participated 440 overweight people. Scientists found that people who were given about 20,000 and 40,000 IUS vitamin D per week were less depressive than the one who didn’t.

This is not a lonely study since one done in 2007 showed that women in menopause who received some dosage of vitamin D showed after 4 years a big change when it comes to the risk of cancer.

This vitamin has the ability to absorb calcium in help in the protection of bone health. It is very helpful in the protection of the immune system, heart and other organs.

You have to adjust your daily intake, according to your needs. Infants from zero to twelve months should intake 1,000 IU per day, and from 1 to 50 years that dosage should be 600 UI.

It is also recommended to have lots of milk, tuna, mushrooms, orange juice, and yogurt. You can also spend more time in front of the sun, so you can naturally receive vitamin D.

When it comes to oral supplements, it needs about 2-3 months to make a proper level of vitamin D in the organism.

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