TOP 5 Uses of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

The eucalyptus tree is an evergreen tree mostly found in Australia. It is often thought of as the main food source of koala bears. Even though it provides amazing nutritional support for wildlife, essential oils extracted from eucalyptus leaves are great for medical purposes.
The Aborigines used eucalyptus to heal most of the wounds as soon as they noticed them. Later on, when a surgeon saw a wound, he was truly amazed to see the thumb healed fully in no time, without a single trace of infection.
Such reports spread all over Australia, and pharmacists quickly began messing around with eucalyptus oil, publishing it for the first time in 1852.

Top Uses

Small towns in Australia first discovered that eucalyptus oil can be converted into a gas that can light up homes, hotels and shops.
Today, eucalyptus oil has a variety of uses that have a broad range of health benefits, including:

1. Colds

Eucalyptus helps cleanse the human’s body of toxins and bad microorganisms that make us feel sick. An effective way to fight colds with eucalyptus is to drop a couple of drops of the essential oil into your diffuser before going to bed.

2. Hand Cleaner

Eucalyptus oil is great for removing grease from your hands, and it can even rejuvenate sore hands and feet. To get the most out of it, mix sea salt, epsom salt and eucalyptus oil.

3. Sinuses and Allergies

A study from a medical school found that using eucalyptus was very good at treating sinusitis. The study itself had participants taking eucalyptus oil internally, but it’s strongly recommended to gargle it just to clear the throat.

4. Home Care

Yes, eucalyptus does give a nice smell to every home product, but did you know that it adds anti-microbial properties? Several drops of it makes pretty much everything better: soap, detergent, toilet cleaners, and so on.

5. Wound Treatment

Eucalyptus oil has antimicrobial properties (as mentioned before) that are good at treating wounds, cuts, and sores. Along with being a natural pain reliever to the applied area, it also keeps the area itself from getting infected.

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