TOP 5 Artery Cleansing Superfoods

Arteries are blood vessels that deliver blood full of oxygen from the heart to various tissues spread throughout the body. Each artery has three layers – the intima, the media and the adventitia.

The largest artery is the aorta, which has spreads itself into smaller arteries, known as arterioles and capillaries, which can be found throughout the body. Healthier arteries have smooth inner walls, while the blood flows through them with ease.

But when plaque builds up on the inner walls, the arteries inhibit blood flow, slowly becoming clogged. Plaque is made of substances like fat, cholesterol, cellular waste and fibrin.

Clogged or blocked arteries can cause a number of health problems like coronary artery disease, carotid artery disease, heart attack and heart stroke. Keeping your arteries healthy is obviously very important. You can do this by following a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy foods, many of which are great for maintaining clean, unclogged arteries and improving your heart health.

Our top artery-cleansing super-foods are:

1. Garlic

GarlicCloves (Small)

A great way of cleansing your arteries naturally is by adding garlic to your diet. This is mostly due to researchers which found that regular intake of garlic may help the aorta. Garlic reduces the level of LDL cholesterol, and it helps out older people as well.

2. Salmon


Salmon is a very healthy fish, full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids that help increase HDL cholesterol levels, reduce triglyceride levels and decrease the inflammation of the blood vessels. Those fatty acids can even lower your blood pressure.

3. Olive Oil


Olive oil is rich in antioxidants, as well as monounsaturated fats. They both help reduce LDL and improve your level of HDL.

4. Watermelon


The amino acid L-citrulline found in every watermelon helps lower blood pressure. It helps widen the blood vessels.

5. Almonds


Almonds are mostly good because they can lower LDL cholesterol by up to 15 percent. They have polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats that reduce LDL and raise HDL levels. And the magnesium found in almonds also prevents plaque formation and keeps your blood pressure at a steady level.

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