The Absolute Best Homemade Hair Mask

Did you know how a simple homemade hair mask made with yeast could do miracles even with the most unkempt hair?

The results of this hair mask are not only visible on the first try, but also permanent. These masks are compatible with all hair types, and are irreplaceable when fighting hair loss and stimulating hair growth.

A yeast homemade hair mask can help you get rid of dandruff as well.Using yeast based hair masks can get you amazing results, but the treatment must be systematic, and not just from time to time. But, don’t worry – you won’t have to wait long to see the results.

When used as a preventive measure, and for stimulating hair growth, the mask should be applied once a week for 10-15 weeks. After that, take a 3 month break and repeat if necessary.

If your goal is treating damaged hair and hair loss, a yeast based homemade hair mask should be used 2 times a week for 6-8 weeks. Repeat after 3 months if needed.

This is not a cure for alopecia (baldness). This homemade hair mask increases your hair quality and speeds up its growth, so it can help with stress, sickness, chemotherapy and hormonal imbalance related hair loss. It can also help you recover from the great “fall” hair loss.

You can change the recipe for this homemade hair mask by adding olive or castor oil, yogurt, aloe juice, and others. The main ingredient should always remain yeast. Some have used egg yolks for extra shine.

Yeast based hair treatments can give amazing long term results, but you should stick with it and keep to the schedule we described before.

Homemade Hair Mask Recipe

Even after the first time I tried it, my hair got this incredible shine – especially in the sun! The thickness and volume of my hair – which was thin, greasy and flat before – were just incredible. And this was with no additional hair products used. The difference was present and visible. My hair was thicker, more voluminous, it didn’t fly around everywhere when I walked down the street. I like the fact that the mask doesn’t ooze out of the shower cap. I’ve tried it on both dirty and clean hair. This recipe deserves attention, and it gets a lot of it too on Russian forums. Some girls even post pictures. The pictures are what really got me to try the yeast mask.

  1. Dissolve one spoonful of honey in one tablespoon of warm milk. Add 20 g of fresh yeast (or dried yeast – one small 7g bag is equal to 40g of fresh yeast).
  2. Leave it in a warm place to grow and ferment for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Put the resulting mixture on clean, damp hair from the roots to the tips. It can also be used on unwashed hair.
  4. Wrap in a nylon bag and a warm towel. Masks like this one need to stay warm to create the optimal conditions for the growth of a yeast colony. As the yeast grows, so does the amount of protein, vitamin and mineral that penetrates the follicle.
  5. If the mix leaks out of the wrap, try using less milk next time.
  6. Leave in for at least an hour, sometimes 2-3 hours. The longer it stays in the better.
  7. Wash hair with shampoo if it was previously unwashed, otherwise rinse out with warm water and conditioner.

The smell you detect while wearing the homemade hair mask will go away once the hair is washed and dried.

Side note: Some use this mask without milk – they pour a spoonful of honey over the yeast and nothing more. Once it grows, add a spoonful of castor or olive oil (or you can leave the oil out). The rest is the same.

After these treatments your hair is healthier and silkier than ever – renewed, shiny and full of volume!

VIDEO: You can watch different approach of this homemade hair mask, by using water instead of milk

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