Take Ginger Instead Of Aspirin To Prevent Heart Disease

Many doctors tell their patients to take aspirin every day to prevent heart disease. This all-natural alternative works in the same way, but without the harmful side effects.

Most people wouldn’t think of taking ginger for heart health, but this medicinal superhero can prevent heart attacks better than aspirin.

Risks Of Aspirin

Doctors recommend that you take a baby aspirin dose on a daily basis to prevent heart attacks. It does this by thinning the blood and preventing blood clots from forming.

However, even “safe” synthetic drugs come with its own set of risks. Aspirin, although it’s available freely over-the-counter, is still a drug. This drug in particular can cause excessive bleeding, kidney and liver failure, ulcers, tinnitus and even hemorrhagic stroke.

With an ever growing list of side effects that accompany each drug, it’s just not worth it to solve a single problem, only to end up with a host of other problems!

Ginger Is Good For Your Heart

This is where natural remedies like ginger come to the rescue. Taking just a little bit of ginger every day can boost your heart health. It contains over 12 antioxidant compounds that are even stronger than vitamin E.

Antioxidants are responsible for combating free radicals in your body. Flavonoids, a special kind of antioxidant, is the type that’s really good for your heart.

Flavonoids are found in abundance in ginger.

Clinical researchers discovered that flavonoid intake is correlated to heart health. Men who received the least amount of this important antioxidant had the smallest carotid artery diameter, which also meant that they had the highest risk of developing heart disease.

Fantastic Benefits Of Ginger

Clinical studies with ginger are on the rise. Researchers want to know just what it is about this root that provides such amazing health benefits.

One study, which was published in the South Asian Journal of Preventative Cardiology in 2004, took 40 participants and divided them into two separate groups. There was a mix of healthy folks, and those who had a history of heart disease, in each group. One group received a ginger supplement with 5% gingerol, and the other group received a standard placebo pill.

After only 4 weeks, oxidation decreased by 18% in the healthy group and 23% in group that had heart disease. Ginger worked it’s magic after only a month!

Ginger works as a blood thinner, just like aspirin. Thin blood won’t form the blood clots that lead to heart disease. This is great news for those who want a more natural alternative to maintaining good health.

Ginger also has anti-inflammatory benefits, and again, it works the same way that aspirin does. It blocks COX-2, which is an enzyme that promotes inflammation. The number one cause of heart disease is actually uncontrollable and systemic inflammation, and not cholesterol.

Improving Heart Health With Ginger

If you prefer to take a ginger supplement, rather than consuming fresh ginger, find one that contains at least 5% gingerols, which is the active ingredient that provides health benefits.

Alternatively, you can use freshly grated or chopped when you’re cooking your daily meals. It can add a spicy kick to meat and vegetable dishes. It’s also great to use in a stir-fry!

One of the easiest ways to incorporate ginger into your diet is by drinking it as a tea. It’s super easy to make!


– Boil 4 cups of water in a small pot

– Peel a 2-inch piece of ginger

– Add the ginger to the pot of water

– Cover, reduce heat and let it simmer for 25 minutes

– Strain the tea, and add honey or lemon to taste

Drink this tea every day, and you won’t need to pop those baby aspirin pills any more.

Watch this video to find out how to me a delicious ginger scallion beef stir-fry dish!

There’s no need to take drugs to prevent heart disease. Nature provides almost everything your body needs to heal itself without side effects. Eat, drink, or take a ginger supplement every day for amazing heart health benefits!

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