Strength training for runners

Runners simply need good posture, a stable body, high strength and the ability to get this strength out quickly. If your question is how often to do this short workout, the answer is once per week to maintain, twice to improve, three for a bonus in the off season.


Use proper posture from now on and practice balancing on a single leg as often as you can.

Push up – 3 sets, 10-20 reps

Do them on an unstable surface, as the instability makes your body aware. These can be done in a plank position. While your hands are holding something like a dumbbell, ensure that the thumb is pointing forward, which will make you rotate the shoulders and retract the shoulder blades.

Swiss Ball Russian twist – 3 sets, 10-14 reps

Place your hands on a bench and have the ball under your feet in a plank position. Lift one foot off the ball, rotate it under and across your body and back.

Pull-up – 3-sets, 10 reps

Do them from a hang with a wide grip. Keep your shoulder blades retracted, as you do the movement.


The exercises below help improve neuromuscular coordination and hip stabilization, which is a critical thing for runners.

Clam-shells – 100 daily

Lie on your side and have your torso and pelvis perpendicular to the ground. Afterwards, straighten your spine and squeeze your glutes tight. With your feet resting on each other, lift only the knee up as long as it’s not level with the hip, and lower the knee down. Make sure to keep the glute contracted as you do this exercise.

Side-Lying hip bridge – 3 sets, 10 reps

Use a chair, bench, or preferably a Swiss ball. Push the bottom of your foot into the ball so that your whole body rises while keeping the spine stable.


Go for four sets of 8 reps max.

Back or front squat

Start the movement by moving your hips back. Keep your knees pressed against the front of a chair to keep them from going forward, which we don’t want.


This one helps build explosive strength, so try to do these as quick as possible.

Ninja Squat Jumps – 3 sets, 10 reps, twice a week

The goal is to land as softly as you can. Jump on a box and step down, progress to jumping up and down. Note that the height of the box should start at your shin’s midpoint and go up to your upper thigh.

Lateral Jump – 4 sets, 6 reps

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