St. John’s Wart Oil Recipe

Ever since ancient Greek times St. John’s wort has been recognized as a great medical aid for healing wounds and blood. Kneipp, Bohn, Flamm, Eckstein, Madaus have been developing the knowledge and use of this superb oil.

St. John’s wort has soothing properties, it is good for nervous system, removes mucus from the body, and is good for curing cramps. It is best known for benefiting the skin, cures burnt skin, bleeding wounds, muscle injuries, and pimples. Also, St. John’s wort is excellent in moisturizing skin.

There are various types of St. John’s wart on the market, but the best way is to prepare it yourself. You can buy this plant at the grocery or food market; just make sure you get the right one.

Crush the leaves and flowers with our hands, put it into a glass bottle and add extra virgin olive oil all over.

Let it sit up to 7 weeks. Give it a swirl from time to time. It is important the bottle is in a warm place. Drain the content using a piece of gauze.

St. John’s wart oil is multipurpose and very helpful. We have already mentioned some of the benefits, let’s add some more: it can be used as massage oil.

How to use this oil as a cure: 10-15 drops with a half of tablespoon of water. By using it this way you can cure stomach pains, cramps, bedwetting, remove mucus from the body, and various skin issues.

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