Shocking: USA Has The Highest Vaccination Rate but The Worst Health

One of the most important indicators of the overall health of a nation is the children mortality rate. The USA is the leader of infant vaccinations, which are administered in the first year of birth and 26 during that time. Sadly, it is ranked with the 34th worst infant survival due to excessive vaccinations.

For this reason, many would believe that these vaccinations will provide an overall health but this is not the case.

The smallpox vaccine, varicella, MMR, yellow fever are just some of the vaccines that people administer at some point in their lives.

The Healthy Home Economist reports:

  • 1950– Children were given 3 vaccines when they entered school.
  • 1983– Children by the age of 6 years old were given 10 vaccines (24 doses, 4 oral doses for polio and 7 injections).
  • 2010– the CDC schedule included 68 doses, and nearly the half of them was given during the first year and a half of children’s life.
  • 2016– By age 17, there were 74 doses including 3 oral doses of rotavirus and 53 injections.

The current child vaccine schedule was increased fourfold over the past 60 years, and some of the vaccines demanded multiple boosters and injections.

Because of this rapid rise of the “recommended” CDC schedules, the overall health of children in America has plummeted.

For this reason, the rate of food allergies, autoimmune diseases, chronic ailments, learning disabilities and childhood obesity has increased, and the overall health of the nation was significantly lowered.

However, hardly anyone with authority connects the poor health of the population with the high vaccination rates. Instead of this, there are 3 more vaccines in 2016, which are mandatory and coerced by the pediatricians. Even the pediatricians have the right to refuse the medical care on children who are not vaccinated.

Vaccines– Good Business for Destroying People’s Health

After the swine flu vaccine debacle of 1976, in 1986 the pharmaceutical companies got the legislation that guaranteed they can’t be accused of the vaccine’s side effects.

This legislation initiated the vaccine court, the place where the vaccine damages can be compensated to vaccine injured children if it was proved that these damages were vaccine caused.

It is a complex system set-up outside of the tort court, to decide who will get settlements supplied by the surcharge taxes on sold vaccines.

All of the sociopathic pharmaceutical companies gain high profit from the worthless protection against some minor diseases. In fact, this is a great profit oriented business.

The worsened children’s health lines up more business for these sociopath pharmaceutical companies that benefit from the so-called “checkbook” research.” That’s why the Big Pharma wants their toxic “solutions” on the market.

Source Healthy Holistic Living | CDC | Carrington | Awareness Act
Image Source KPBS

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