The Recipe For The Intestines Cancer Treatment

In former articles, we confirmed that the cancer disease is extremely complex, and that mentioned disease is developing both at the cellular, as well as at the system level.

In scientific research artemisinin showed exceptionally good results in treating colon cancer and in combination with the Arab alfalfa plant even extremely endangered patients got back to normal condition.

Artemisinin is confirmed as a good anticancer agent for cancer cell lines of colon cancer because of their composition which is quite special in the way that in cell membrane they have high concentration of iron and a great number of trans-receptors, which is enhanced in comparison to the normal cell.

More about research on artemisinin you can read in the article Scientific studies of artemisinin as a potential cure for cancer.

In the present article, I will put an accent on natural methods of treating colon cancer and back up the method of treatment with artemisinin that proved to be effective.

The purpose of this protocol will be to decrease development of the disease as well as better way of patient’s life.

This recipe is one of the consigned to oblivion ways of treating malignant intestines disease which has shown good results at a time when medicine was not so evolved and when people only depended on nature and were looking for solutions to serious diseases in plants.

The method is formed of several phases:

1. Get hold of 250ml of cold quality spring water, and put a small spoon of sweet flag root in it. Leave the fluid to stand overnight. When the morning comes warm up the liquid and strain it. This fluid should be consumed in the following way: drink one sip before and after each meal. You must ingest the same amount each day and you should also make sure not to take more than the daily dose, which is six sips a day.

2. Each and every day, drink the tea which is made from 300 grams of calendula, 100 grams of nettle and 100 grams of yarrow. These ingredients all ought to be mixed well. Tea is made with 250 ml of spring water and with a tablespoon full of above mentioned mixture.

Every day, it is highly recommended to drink about 2 liters of this tea. People suffering from colon cancer should take one sip every 20 minutes. This tea boosts appetite in patients and in the way stated above it can be used for other cancer diseases, and it is highly beneficial for patients with appetite loss.

3. In the morning and evening, take half a cup of previously mentioned tea. In the tea, add a big spoon of Sweden bitter. Half of the amount of tea you drink before and half after the meal. How to make natural Sweden bitter you can read in the article The forgotten recipe for the treatment of cancer.

The lining of the Sweden bitter should be put three times daily on the stomach so that the wadding is soaked with Sweden biter. Wadding is put in a thin layer over the whole stomach and is allowed to stay for up to 2 hours.

The tea should be kept warm at all times, and you will manage that if you keep it in a thermos.

If a patient is going through some serious pain, put steam covering of horsetail and that recipe you have in the text above. These coverings should be made four times a day, twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon.

This treatment can improve appetite and already in the first 48 hours to improve the patient’s condition. The therapy involving medicinal herbs ought to be combined with healthy nutrition and a diet which is created and recommended especially for people suffering from cancer to use. The diet for the treatment of cancer and what can be eaten.

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