She Posted a Photo Showing a Lesser-Known Symptom of Breast Cancer. Can You Identify It?

There are many disturbing contents online and one of these showed right in front of Lisa Royle while scrolling on social media.

What this 42-year-old woman saw was a link about breast cancer on her friend’s profile. All of a sudden a strange feeling took the woman. This article¬†told the story of a woman who accidentally discovered a dimple on her breast indicating breast cancer.

In the next moment, Lisa examined her chest and found out that she has similar dimple, unfortunately.

Her preventative measure was visiting a doctor and put an end on any suspicion. She experienced a biopsy and when the result was finished she was shocked. It showed that this dimple was indeed a case of breast cancer.

This was not what she hoped for so, she decided to post a photo of her breast in order to raise awareness and explain this new and less-known symptom.



Lisa on her photo says that she had never considered posting boob picture on her Facebook profile, but she thought that this is the right thing before it is already gone next week.

She points at the dimple and explains that this is what she had found on her breast. It is a subtle dimple under the breast and you can easily miss it while you rush to prepare in the morning. She advises that you need to take time to examine your body since it can save your life.

All you need to do is visit your doctor on regular basis and ensure yourself that you are healthy person. Lisa also says that if it was not for that Facebook post shared by her friend she would never found out she had the breast cancer.

That is why you should share this article, because you might save someone’s life.

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