“Organic” Food from China Found to Be Highly Contaminated

As people get informed about how important the organic food is so does the world’s demand of such products.

Only in the USA, every year organic food sales increase at least by 20%. The domestic supplies could not satisfy such enormous demand so in order to keep the market in stock, the vendors should look internationally.

A great part of the imports come from the European Union, but their organic standards differ from those in America. Also, a significant part of them are from China, which provides low quality and food safety standards.

Much of the organic production that comes from China is unsafe, even the Chinese farmers won’t consume it themselves. Then, what’s the point of organic food if it is not safe?

This implies that some of the food labelled as “organic” was never intended to be organic. It was simply a result of the substandard Chinese production.

The US Customs tends to reject entire imports of food from China because of the presence of dangerous additives, drug residues, poor hygiene and mislabeling. In order, not to be rejected, the Chinese exporters labelled their products as organic, especially the unusual and dirty ones.

The Chinese government hasn’t established a system of labelling the truly organic products and those that are not. So, the result is a complete mislabeling of the food by the Chinese producers.

Even the “truly organic” food from China is in fact produced in totally contaminated conditions, that people could not handle. Most of the Chinese agricultural lands are located along the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers, the most polluted rivers in China.

Their pollution is a result of the thousands of factories that are located along these rivers, which infuse their chemicals into the water that in fact irrigate the crops. Once, a chemical fertilizer discarded so much ammonia into the Fu river, a tributary of the Yangtze river that immediately killed 110 tons of fish. However, this river was still used for agricultural and industrial purposes.

These rivers are also loaded with great amounts of many heavy metals and harmful chemicals as well as the food irrigated with this water. The Chinese sewage, bottled drinking water, rice and milk have indicated the presence of perchlorate, the precursor of rocket fuel. So, how such food can be organic?

Perchlorate is a toxic substance and an endocrine disruptor. Its presence can lead to destabilization of the metabolism, problems in the development of children and thyroid problems.

What a healthy and organic food. Definitely not. However, some Chinese products tend to more contaminated than others. For example, mushrooms, rice, green peas, apples, chicken, fish, garlic and black pepper belong to the most contaminated group of Chinese products that should be avoided.

However, the only way to eat completely organic food is to grow it yourself. Such gardens will occupy a small place, improve the local insects especially bees, look attractive and what’s most important, they will provide a completely safe and delicious food.

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