Amazing Mosquito Catcher That Will Ensure Your Relaxed Summer Nights

The mosquito catcher is here! The little devils are on their way to ruin our wonderful and long-awaited summer months.

We all love pool parties, camping trips, barbecue with our friend in our backyard, baseball games, etc., and we can all feel that our summer fun will come in no time.

But this time we will not allow any unwanted guests to ruin our mood. That is why this time we will welcome them with our very own mosquito catcher

Some people never seems to get bitten by mosquitoes. But not me. Speaking from personal experience, in the summer, I’m like a moving buffet for any blood sucking friends nearby.

And as bad as the pain and itching of the bites are to me, there are even greater dangers. Malaria, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever and the Zika virus are some of the most dangerous diseases currently around. And mosquitoes can bring them to you even close if they decide to bite you.

Every year, people are dying from these dangerous diseases that they got by mosquitoes. Most estimates range from a million people. I know, scary. And that is why it is critical to protect yourself and your family from these walking diseases.

How to Create a Practical Mosquito catcher.
The video below explains the process of building this highly effective mosquito trap. Dan Rojas performs the instructions. The trap is highly effective and can kill many mosquitoes, sometimes a thousand each night.

All you need are a couple of widely available items that you most probably have in your garage already.

What you will need:

  • One high power fan
  • Mosquito adapt net
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Several magnets to hold off the net


Start by cutting a piece of the net. See that it is large enough to for one of the sides of the fan.

Handle the cord to tuck it closer to the fan. This way it won’t get in the way.

Next, fasten the net on one of the sides of the fan by using the magnets. They need to make sure the net is in place.

Then, mix and stern the rubbing alcohol with water in a ratio of 1:1 that is 50% alcohol, 50% water. Pour the dilution in a spray bottle. This baby can efficiently kill mosquitoes while at the same time ensuring the solution will be a lot less flammable (because of the water).

Spray it onto the net, but watch out not to spray some on the motor of the fan.

Next, take a piece of cardboard that is preferably white, and spray the solution on it. With this, you can safely remove the net and ease the mosquito remains to fall on the cardboard.

Do this when your net is full of mosquitoes. Turn the fan off and remove the net. Do it carefully so that ideally the remains should fall onto the cardboard.

Finally, because the alcohol mixture naturally disintegrates, you don’t have to clean anything. Throw the remains from the cardboard, or leave them in the open where wondering lizards and frogs can get a quick snack.

The video below explains the process of creating this mosquito catcher entirely, so make sure you watch it.

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