Monsanto Forced To Label Cancer Warning Properties of Roundup

Once again, Monsanto and its popular weed-killer Roundup become the main topic of discussion.

The state of California forced Monsanto to label the cancer properties of the popular weed-killer Roundup. However, the company still claims that it poses no risk to humans.

Since 1974, one particular chemical called glyphosate has been introduced to the market. It is the main component of the popular Monsanto’s pesticide Roundup. This odorless and colorless substance effectively kills weeds and leaves the crop intact.

Why Is Glyphosate Dangerous?

When tested on laboratory animals, glyphosate showed potent carcinogenic properties. Other findings point out that it can lead to non-Hodgkin lymphoma and increased tumor growth.

Glyphosate can be found in more than 160 countries worldwide. In California in particular, it treats more than 250 types of crops. That’s why California is the first state which forces Monsanto to label the cancerous properties and warn people of this product.

The nation’s agricultural state charged Monsanto, believing that the company will suffer some financial consequences. In this way, people will see the warning and stop buying Roundup.

St. Louis-based Monsanto claims that California assigns its authority to a foreign body which has no liability to U.S and violates the California Constitution.

The Attorneys from California claim that the International Agency for Research on Cancer is the leader for identification of carcinogens. They completely rely on these findings with different states, countries and federal governments.

The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment’s spokesman stated that the California regulators wait for the formal ruling before they keep on with the warnings.

This office has also affirmed that Monsanto has one year to display the warning label to Roundup. Even though Monsanto claims Roundup is safe for humans, avoiding toxic chemicals is the best possible thing people can for their health.

It is the consumer’s right to demand labeling of these chemical substances because glyphosate is something dangerous that can seriously harm people’s health.

Source Food Matters | U.S News | Dr. Mercola
Image Source Health Impact News

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