Magnesium Deficiency: How to Recognize and Cure It

Since this mineral is in charge of over 300 biochemical reactions in the body, lack of it can lead to high blood pressure, pregnancy and sleep problems.

Magnesium deficiency is spreading simply because of the low soil condition, which makes the plants to lack of magnesium too, and later on, the meat from animals that eat that plants will have this kind of deficiency. So, ingredients that we eat every day lead to lowering magnesium level in our body. Here are some problems that may occur due to this condition:

Bad Bones

Maybe we were told that calcium is the most important mineral for our bone health, but you should know that magnesium is just as important, if not more. Lack of magnesium will make your bones suffer a lot.

Cramps and Muscle Spasms

If you ever felt cramps in your leg, that maybe happened because you need to take more magnesium. Try to take this mineral in some form, and you feel instant relief from spasms and cramps.

Calcification of Arteries

One of the most dangerous problems caused by magnesium deficiency is arteries calcification. It can lead to heart attack and heart diseases. Studies have shown that about half of all heart attack patients have to take an injection of magnesium chloride. This injection stops calcification and the blood clotting.

Depression and Anxiety

You probably didn’t know, but magnesium stays in a synapse between two neurons. And with calcium and glutamate activates NMDA receptor. Magnesium has actually a job as an NMDA receptor guardian, so without it, neurons can be damaged which leads to cell death. All of this can cause depression and anxiety, and that is not a simple problem to solve.

High Blood Pressure

University of Harvard did a study about magnesium intake, and they came to conclusion that people who had the highest magnesium intake actually had the healthiest blood pressure.

Bad Sleeping

If you want to have a good night sleep, but your body isn’t relaxed, that is maybe because it is in need for magnesium. This mineral is crucial for our body because it provides a normal function of the GABA receptors in our brain, which help both body and the brain feel restful.

Low Energy

Without magnesium, you will feel very tired all the time and your energy level will be on the low bar. This is because the magnesium is required in the reaction which creates ATP energy in our cells.

How to Improve Level of Magnesium in Our Body?

There are many magnesium supplements on the market today, from solutions to pills. Yes, they can help you, but be careful since they can stress your kidneys or start digestive disturbances.

Topical Magnesium

This is a solution of magnesium, which you have to apply on your skin, and the body will absorb it. It will go straightly to your blood, so it will act fast and skip the kidneys.

High Magnesium Foods

You can start a diet and include lot of ingredients that are rich in magnesium, and in that way at normal level. You should eat spinach, pumpkin seeds, almonds, bananas, avocado, and most important and delicious – dark chocolate.

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