Lower Child’s Temperature with These Few Simple Tricks

The high temperature is just a way in which organism is trying to cope with infection. The body is fighting off an infection and as a result your youngster is having a high bad time. You can do something to lower the temperature, but be on standby, if your kid has a fever for more than a few days, go see a pediatrician.

Here are few natural tricks to lower the temperature in less than 5 minutes:

Brandy and Water

Put half of cup of brandy and the same amount of water into the bowl. Soak a gauze into it, squeeze excess solution, and put the gauze in your child’s socks.

Keep Your Child in A Cold Place

Try to avoid the sun and sunny spots, and when you are inside, try keeping your kid in a cool room.

Fluids and Cold Food

It is essential to give your kid lots of fluids, and if it wants to eat something, try feeding him with chilled food so the temperature can be lowered from the inside.

Grated Potatoes

Peel some washed potatoes and grate them well. After you are finished, put them in socks, and then put those socks on your kid. The potato will lower his temperature, and help in a fight against fever.

Cold Tissue on Forehead

Just cool down a piece of wet tissue or washcloth and put it on your kid’s forehead, during the sleep.


If you want to keep your youngster feel comfortable, use a fan. But, try adjusting it on low intensity, and don’t blow directly into your kid.

Warmish Bath

If you want to fight high temperature, never use a cold shower for it. It will only make your kid shiver and temperature will rise. Make a warmish bath, and bath your baby in it. It will make him feel comfortable and decrease the temperature.

Take Off Some Layers of Clothing

The last thing you can do is to remove some layers of clothing, so the skin can breathe. And if your kid starts to shiver, cover him with a blanket to make him feel warm again.

Additional Advice:

If your kid has under three months and it has a fever, you should immediately bring him to a doctor. If it has 3-5 months and temperature of 101 degrees or higher, also go see a doctor. In the end, if you have a kid that is over 6 months, take him to a doctor if his temperature is over 102 degrees.

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