Losing Half The Body Weight – A True Story

On the 25th May of 2013, Benji Kurtz had a life changing moment. It was a rather quiet weekend dedicated to the Memorial Day, and the time was right for him to relax for a bit, leading to him going out and shopping for documentaries that were available for streaming over his DVR. He glanced past a film called Forks Over Knives, only to get a throwback to the fact that he had been overweight his entire adult life. That film made him think how it was once again the right moment for him to begin yet another of his frequent diets with low carbs. And so, he bought Forks Over Knives, the film that produced that life-changing moment for him. At that time, Benji, a morbidly obese person (according to the government’s charts), was weighing in at 258 pounds. He mentioned that he was only looking for an interesting documentary for the weekend, not a solution. But there it was. That film, Forks Over Knives, made Benji a vegetarian over night, and he’s been that way for almost two years; no meat, no eggs, no dairy products, nothing. This brought him to consuming less processes foods, resulting in a massive weight loss of about 130 pounds (half of his starting body weight). Concerning physical activities, all he does is go for a short swim every day, which is good enough for him to look and feel like a new person!
As of this day, Benji is working as a health advocate that is constantly trying to reach as many people as he can in order to help them get back to the healthy ways of life. And after being noticed by several media houses in the summer of 2014, he started educating the public about the fact that plant-based diets are very healthy, not to mention how beneficial it all is for the animal welfare, and planet Earth.

Now, it’s time for me to reach as many people as possible, not only to help them regain their own health, but also to help those without a voice, and our planet.


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