Lose Weight and Lower Your Cholesterol with This Remedy

This simple homemade remedy was used 10,000 years ago, and even Hippocrates, the father of medicine himself, was describing it as a healing elixir. Apple Cider Vinegar has lots of healthy properties, and in a combination with elderflower, it becomes a powerful remedy for detoxification.

Recipe for Elderflower in Apple Cider Vinegar

This recipe is very easy and it will help you lose weight, lower your appetite and cholesterol, and it will also help you in a fight against diabetes. You only need elderflower and apple cider vinegar.

Take about one or two cups of elderflower and put it in a glass jar or bottle. Then pour apple cider vinegar in, and close the lid well. Keep it in a warm place for 14 days and then strain it. You should take two tablespoons a day of this healthy remedy, but you have to dilute first it with a little bit of water.

If you take this homemade medicine after a meal, it will lower the appetite and help reduce your cholesterol. It is well known that apple cider vinegar lowers the glycemic index of food and improves the sensitivity of the body to insulin. It also controls diabetes type 2.

Because apple cider vinegar prevents departure of hydrochloric acid from the stomach, food is digested easier and there are no gases and puffiness in the stomach. You will feel energized and purified.

If your cholesterol is high, you should take about 15 ml of apple cider vinegar, and for reducing blood pressure, mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and one tablespoon of honey in a glass of water. Drink this once a day and you will see the results pretty fast.

Arthritis and gout can also be cured with just a little bit of apple cider vinegar. Since this simple drink alkalizes the organism, it will help you reduce the pain and stiffness of the joints. Hold a towel soaked in apple cider vinegar on the painful spot for about 15 minutes and you will see the big difference.

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