Lavender Essential Oil – Benefits

Diabetes Treatment

There was a study in 2014 that tested the effects of lavender essential oil on blood sugar, in order to see whether it can really help fight diabetes. During that rather short study, the overall results were just amazing. Lavender essential oil treatment had successfully protected the human body throughout the entire period from the following symptoms of diabetes:

– The increase in blood glucose
– Metabolic disorders
– Weight gain
– Liver and kidney depletion and dysfunction

Improvements of mood

In addition to the previous research, 2013 was the year when lavender was tested to see how it works in fighting against neurological damage. Traditionally, lavender has been used as a cure for neurological issues, such as migraines, stress, anxiety and depression. The study itself found that supplementing with no more than 80 mg capsules of lavender essential oil alleviated anxiety and depression, while giving people the ability to sleep better.

In addition, there were no side effects from using lavender oil to treat anxiety, insomnia and depression. And as we all know, some drugs do have quirky side effects!

The best part is that lavender essential oil benefits don’t just stop there, as it can also reduce symptoms and the development process of Alzheimer’s disease!

Healing burns and cuts

Lavender has a very rich history of being used to prevent infections and fight against bacterial and fungal disorders. Lavender oil also speeds the healing process of burns, cuts, and wounds, mostly because of its anti-microbial properties.

Lavender Oil for Headaches

According to some recent medical research, lavender oil might just be the best natural cure out there.

Lavender for Sleep and Insomnia

If you wish to improve your quality of sleep diffusing lavender before or during sleep can help. You can also rub it directly on your neck, chest and temples, which is also a very effective method.

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