How Healthy Is Low-Carb Ketogenic Diet?

Low-carb diet exists for many years, and throughout the history has been criticized for being too restrictive. Still, many people use it since it is the only way for them to control diabetes and lose weight. But, it this diet healthy?

There is not a strict definition of very-low-carb diet, but that means you would have to eat food that contains less than 50 grams of carbs per day. Of course, this number varies from person to person, from 20 to 60 grams.

There are a lot of questions and controversy about this way of eating. There are always some advantage and disadvantage.



Weight Loss

It is very effective when it comes to losing weight. One study gave overweight women randomized diets, such as Atkins, Ornish, LEARN, or Zone. At the end of the year, women who were on the Atkins lost the most weight.

This means that VLCKD (very low-carb ketogenic diet) performs a bit better than other low-fat diets. According to Active Low-Carber Forums website that has over 98,000 members, many of the users of this diet lost over 50 pounds or more with just this diet.

Normal Blood Levels

Since carbs have the biggest impact on blood sugar, consuming a lot of carbohydrates can raise blood sugar levels. So, people who have diabetes, consuming carbs, even in a small amount can be very dangerous.

VLCKD is absolutely the best way to reduce post-meal blood sugar response and the safest way too.

Body Composition Will Improve

Research showed that a very low-carb ketogenic diet gives better retention of muscle mass during weight loss, and that means improvement in body composition.

You Will Protect Your Heart

Since people who are on VLCKD eat healthy fats such as coconut oil, butter, olive oil, olives, and nuts, they protect their heart and decrease the risk of heart disease.


LDL Cholesterol Might Increase

This is not 100% accurate since it doesn’t mean that LDL cholesterol will always go up. There are some numbers that show that about 50% have this kind of problem when on this diet.

Your Food Choices Will Become Limited

There are some banned foods on this diet, such as rice, bread, pasta, sweets and most of the fruits, but besides those foods, you can eat anything. You can even replace some foods with a similar one that is not banned.

You Might Get Constipated

Drinking enough fluids will solve this problem, as well as consuming additional salt (about 1-3 extra grams per day).

You Can Develop a Decreased Tolerance for High-Carb Foods

Even though all the people are different, almost all of them become in bigger or smaller amount intolerant to carbohydrates when on this diet. That means that your sugar levels will rise faster and higher after consuming high-carb ingredient when you are on this diet.

Because of that, it is recommended to eat about 150 grams of carbohydrate for about three days prior taking OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test) so you will get proper results and see what is happening.

The Conclusion

Everything stays as a personal choice, so if you love high-carbs food, then this is not a diet for you. But, if a food choice doesn’t play a big role and you are trying to lose weight or have diabetes, VLCKD is an excellent solution for you.

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