Heal Your Joints with Lemon Peel

We all know that when we get the flu, the first thing we do it to make some tea and eat lemon. That is because lemons are full of healthy ingredients that include A, C, B1, B6, magnesium, calcium and much more.

Combating disease and microorganisms can be really easy with just one simple fruit – lemon. This tropical fruit has a calming effect in our stomach and it will keep the liver and immune system healthy.

If you introduce lemons to your diet, you will protect your organism from many diseases and infections, such as common cold, flu and laryngitis. And, there is a new study that says lemons can fight cancer too.

If you have problems with joint pains, you can use the next remedy to deal with it. It is super easy and effective.

Recipe for Joint Healing

Peel two organic lemons and place the rind in a glass jar. Fill the jar with olive oil to the top, and seal it. Leave it for about 15 days. Your remedy will be ready after that period, and you just need to pour some of this oil on a gauze and apply it to the painful area. Cover it with woolen scarf and wrap it with plastic wrap.

Use this remedy before going to bed, because you are inactive during the night, and joints can heal faster.

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