The Full-Fat Paradox: Diary Fat Can Decrease Risk Of Diabetes

A new study reveals that all the dairy fats, which can be found in milk, yogurt and cheese, can help in protecting the organism from Type 2 diabetes.

This research was published in the journal Circulation and included 3,333 adults. In the late 1980s, scientists took blood samples from the patients and then measured circulating levels of biomarkers of dairy fat in their blood. In the next 20 years, scientists tracked who among the patients developed diabetes.

“People who had the most dairy fat in their diet had about a 50 percent lower risk of diabetes” compared with people who consumed the least dairy fat, says Dariush Mozaffarian, dean of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, who is also an author of the study.

This study proves that those fats have a protective effect. “For a long time we’ve had this notion that saturated fat [the kind found in dairy products] is always bad for you,” says Mark DeBoer, a pediatrician at the University of Virginia.

DeBoer studied the link between children’s body weight and dairy fat. He found interesting things, “It appears that children who have a higher intake of whole milk or 2 percent milk gain less weight over time.”

Besides that, some evidence is pointing that this kind of fat helps adults manage their weight as well. Whole-milk and butter consumers kept their pounds off when compared to the ones that don’t eat this kind of food.

It’s possible that “the fat in dairy makes you less hungry to eat some other foods,” says DeBoer. And there’s evidence that “when people consume more low-fat dairy, they eat more carbohydrates” as a way of compensating, says Mozaffarian.

This study challenges the low-fat-is best rule, and because of that it is maybe the time to reconsider the National School Lunch Program rules that allows children only to eat low-fat milk. “Our research indicates that the national policy should be neutral about dairy fat, until we learn more,” says Mozaffarian.

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