Find the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

There are four main shapes of our face, round, oval, square, heart. With these four simple steps you can find out where your face belongs.

You have to determine the width of your face. Find out if your face is wider, normal or narrow.  The second thing to do is to find out where your face is the widest, whether it is the forehead, chin or cheeks. Compare measurements of your face and determine the shape of your head.

Round shape is the widest in the cheek area, and the lines of forehead and cheek are rounded. With oval shape lines are a bit curved, and all parts of the face are almost the same width. These types of face are best looking with shorter haircuts, because long hair only extends your head. Shorter hairstyle will underline your cheek bones.

The main characteristic of square shape is high and wide forehead with an almost identical width like jaw. Curly and layered hair will make a visually oval shape from the square one. Bangs are also a good choice.

Heart shape face has the widest upper part of the head. Cheek bones are narrower, while the jaw is pointed and the narrowest. This shape of the head is the hardest to compliment with a hairstyle, because almost nothing will fit. But, shorter hair and bangs can bring the balance to your face. Bangs will hide the forehead, and shorter hair will extend whole face.

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