FDA Warns: NSAIDs Increase the Risk of Strokes and Heart Failure

Are There Some Safe Pain Relieving Methods?

Truthfully, there is nearly no pain relieving method based on drugs which do not cause serious side-effects. Recently, the FDA limited the amount of acetaminophen in prescription medicines and put a boxed warning because of the liver toxicity concerns.

So, make sure you avoid all types of medications, especially the OTC drugs as much as you can. Because you do not need a prescription, it does not mean that the drug is harmless. You must bear in mind this fact especially if you use the OTC drugs for your children.

Dr. Bruno H. Stricker, a senior author of the study reported for New York Times that older people should be very careful with NSAIDs. These drugs won’t do anything for their health except relieving pain. However, pain is a problem but dying is also a problem.

How to Address Pain with no Drugs

PreventDisease.com has provided 9 alternative painkillers to NSAIDs.

Here is the list:

Boswellia. This herb is known as “Indian frankincense” or Boswellin and it is rich in potent active anti-inflammatory properties. It provides many benefits to people with rheumatoid arthritis.

Medical cannabis. It is popular for its natural analgesic qualities. Until the present day, about 20 states from the US have legalized cannabis for medical purposes.
What makes cannabis a potent analgesic are the high amounts of medicinal terpenes, cannabidiol, and flavonoids. There are different types of cannabis, some of them have a low level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound in marijuana that makes people feel like “stoned” but low level of medicinal CBD.

The Journal of Pain which is a publication of the American Pain Society provided a list of studies which examined the pain-relieving effects of cannabis.

Turmeric. According to a study of osteoarthritis patients, a daily dose of 200 mg of curcumin reduced the pain in these patients and increased their mobility.

Another study has shown that curcuminoids in turmeric can effectively block inflammation and prevent the overproduction of a protein that triggers pain and swelling.

Cayenne cream or capsaicin. Capsaicin is an active ingredient in chili peppers which can deplete the body’s supply of substance P and thus relieve pain. This chemical is the component part of nerve cells which transmits pain signals to the brain.
Devil’s Claw. This South African plant is a highly effective in relieving pain due to inflammation such as muscle pain and arthritis.

Prevent Disease states that devil’s claw reacts in the same way as other painkillers for osteoarthritis pain. This fact comes from a particular study that included specific devil’s claw root powder with 2% of harpagoside and 3% total iridoid glycoside, both important components of devil’s claw.

K-Laser Therapy

If you experience pain from arthritis, injury or other inflammation-related pain, you should try the K-laser therapy. This therapy can treat many painful conditions including acute injuries. So, if you practice this therapy, you won’t need to depend on painkillers.

This is a class 4 infrared laser treatment which can reduce inflammation, pain and improve tissue healing, in soft and hard tissues such as ligaments, muscles, and even bones.

It’s the improved microcirculation that provides these benefits because this laser therapy stimulates the proper flow of red blood cells in the affected area. This therapy also improves the lymphatic and venous return. The infrared wavelengths in this treatment target specific areas in the body and are able to penetrate deeply into them.

Here is an interview with Dr. Harrington which gives more details about this revolutionary technology.

Drug-Free Pain Relief Solutions

So far, we have discussed the risks related to NSAIDs and other narcotic painkillers. These drugs kill more people than any other types of accidents. So, it is high time you turn to safer alternatives including:

1. Avoid consuming grains, processed foods, and processed sugars. In this way, you will reduce the levels of leptin and insulin as well as reduce leptin and insulin resistance. These are the major reasons for the production of the inflammatory prostaglandins.

2. Enrich your diet with a high-quality, omega-3 fat, especially krill oil. Omega-3 are precursors to prostaglandins, the mediators of inflammation.

3. Improve your production of vitamin D by regular exposure to the sun which will reduce your pain through different mechanisms.

4. Ginger. It is a potent anti-inflammatory agent which can relieve pain and offer stomach-setting properties. For this reason, step some fresh ginger in boiling water or add it to some vegetable juice.

5. Borage oils, black currant and evening primrose. All of these ingredients are high in gamma linolenic acid, an important fatty acid for the treatment of arthritic pain.

Other Drug-Free Solutions

1. Emotional Freedom Technique. This technique manages different kinds of pain with no drugs. This technique uses the principles of acupuncture which balances the body’s energy system. It resolves the subconscious, underlying, negative emotions that can worsen your physical pain.

This technique stimulates some acupuncture points with your fingertips which rebalance the energy system and thus relieve pain.

2. Chiropractic. According to many studies, chiropractic treatments are far safer and cheaper than the allopathic medical treatments, especially those for low-back pain.

3. Acupuncture is an effective method of treating different kinds of pain. Many researchers have confirmed the effectiveness of this technique in the treatment of neck, back and shoulder pain as well as headaches and osteoarthritis.

4. Physical therapy. This is another effective treatment for some painful conditions including arthritis and torn cartilage.

5. Astaxanthin. This is one of the most highly effective antioxidants ever known. Its powerful anti-inflammatory qualities can effectively reduce the pain than other anti-inflammatory drugs. For the best effects, you may need higher doses about 8 mg of ginger on a daily basis.

6. Cetyl Myristoleate. This type of oil can be found in dairy butter and fish. It is a potent anti-inflammatory agent and joint lubricant. It can also take part in the treatment of ganglion cysts and carpal tunnel syndrome.

7. Bromelain. Pineapples are rich in this enzyme which is a natural anti-inflammatory. It can be consumed in a form of supplement or a fresh one.

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