Dwarf Elder Against Cancer

General Information:

Dwarf Elder, (biological name- Sambucus ebulus) is a PERENNIAL plant growing to a height of 1.2 m (4ft) generally during the months Jul to August. Its seeds ripen during August – September. It is supposed to have many medicinal properties. Its leaves are antiphlogistic, diaphoretic cholagogue, expectorant laxative and diuretic,

The fruit of Dwarf Elder is also used sometimes, but is generally less active than its leaves. It is used commonly for treatment of kidney and liver complaints. They also have a healing and soothing effect when applied on boils and scalds.

When made into a poultice it is very effective in treating contusions and swellings. The root of this plant is mildly diuretic, diaphoretic and an effective purgative. It is also often used as tea by drying and powdering it and is considered as one of the most effective home remedies for dropsy.

However, to avoid any complications of misuse or overuse, it should only be used only under expert supervision since it can cause conditions like vertigo and nausea. It also finds use in a homeopathy for treatment of dropsy.

All parts of this plant can be used for medication, but generally only the fruits (elderberries) should be used for the syrup


How to make this remedy

First take a small glass jar and fill it up in alternate layers of Dwarf Elder berries and sugar (each layer should be about one inch high) , till the jar is topped up full. See that the last layer must is sugar and is slightly thicker than the other layers. After filling up the jar is, place it outdoors in sunshine for 6 to 8 hours for a few days, at least for few hours a day. Wait for few days until the sugar is melted by itself and then once a day stir with a spoon. Repeat this for 20 days. Keep the jar open so that fermented gases can escape. After the 20th day close the jar with a lid and store it in the fridge. The jar should not be tight sealed but should just have the caps placed on them


How is this medicine taken?

The mixture that we made and stored in the fridge is all that is needed and can be consumed for healing the various health issues. The right way is to take – the berries as well as the juice it together preferably on an empty stomach.

One dose generally consists of a heaped teaspoon of the mixture early in the morning. Try not to eat anything 30 minutes before or after this for full absorption by the body. This mixture can be consumed throughout the year, whenever anyone feels is sick and feels the need.

Do consult your doctor too, though other prescribed medicines can also be taken along with this home remedy.

In case of the treatment for cancer, this remedy can be continued too and taken along with the chemo therapy, because besides having an anti-cancer effect it also strengthens immunity. But whatever be the case it’s always best to take advice of your doctor, especially so when there is any adverse effect that you feel.

Medical Research Paper

As per medical research, SEE (Sambucus Ebulus Extract) was seen to possess a lower IC50 count in cancer cells as compared to the normal cells. It manifested a high cytotoxicity; hence pointing to the fact that it can act as an anti-cancer compound. Besides this, the cytotoxicity of this extract in presence of vitamins E and C decreased on normal cell lines. These results clearly demonstrated that SEE was an effective cytotoxic agent in case of colon and liver cancer and also suggested that vitamins C as well as E may assist in protecting the normal cells, if SEE were to be used in the future for treatment of cancer.”

This paper was published on 14th Jan.2010 and 22.May.2013.

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