Drinking Detox Tea Once A Day Is Great For Your Wellbeing. Here Are Some Of The Best Teas Around!

Drinking a cup of tea everyday is not just for the British, you can also enjoy the detoxifying effects that come with it. Not only can this be a soothing experience, but if you rotate through the teas on this list you’ll be getting a nice detoxing effect for your efforts.
1. Burdock Root Tea

Burdock is a little-known herb that has a lot of detoxifying benefits. It can has been shown to strengthen the immune system as well, and has been known to help purify the blood. It helps both the liver and the digestive system, two of the main detox avenues the body has at its disposal. Basically if your liver is functioning better, you’ll be less toxic, and if you’re digestive system is keeping things regular, you’ll have less toxic buildup.

Source: bembu.com
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