Doctors Told Her She Had 5 More Years Of Life

Doctors told her she had 5 more years to live and sent her to chemotherapy.

Ex-model Kendis-Mary Fox was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She underwent a surgery and her thyroid gland was removed, but the cancer was back again. Mary refused chemotherapy because it killed many of her friends, she said.

She decided to change her life completely. Mary stopped with toxins intake, she quit smoking, drinking alcohol and eating meat. Instead, she ate a lot more citrus fruit (grapefruit, kiwi, lemon, and pineapple). She discovered a protein, called bromelain, destroys one layer of cancer cells.

‘’Instead of living a party life during the weekends, and working on the rest of the week, I changed my life completely. I decided to love myself and life as it is. It may sound like a fairy-tale, but it is the truth.’’

Kendis-Mary found a lump near left clavicle bone in 2011, and ultrasound examination confirmed 20 mini tumors on her thyroid gland. Doctor told her she must undergo a surgery and after that, he prescribed her 9 chemotherapy sessions.

‘’The bell rang in my head. My best friend and my cousin both died because of chemotherapy, and there was no way I was going that path. I decided not to cry, and not to be weak. I realized I had 5 years to live, or maybe 6 months, nobody could predict, so I decided to cure myself’’ Kendis said.

‘’I began eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. I researched Internet a lot, and learned a protein, called bromelain, can help in cancer treatment.’’

She also stopped using cosmetic products, started practicing yoga, she quit her job, and started meditating. ‘’Stress, chemicals, and animal products only feed the cancer’’ she explains.

When she visited her doctor after 6 months, his diagnosis confirmed she was free from the cancer. Thyroglobulin test proved her level was lowered from 13 to 0.7 ng/L.

Kendis runs her own modeling agency today, and says: ’’I live my life under my own terms and conditions. I am not upset, I wake up happy, and I choose what to do with my life!’’.

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