Do You Want Sparkling White Teeth? Try These 8 Simple Tricks

Yes, why spending hundreds of dollars, when you have the solution for your problem in the kitchen.

There are a few simple tricks you can use to whiten your teeth, and they are really a piece of cake. So, go to your kitchen and grab ingredients. Here are those eight ways:

 1 Orange Peel

Take some orange peel and rub it over the teeth. You will see change in no time.

 2 Strawberries

Besides the fact that this fruit is ultra-tasty, this fruit will help you in removing yellow plaque marks.

 3 Lemon

Lemons wile help you in removing the layer of teeth coloration.

4 Salt 

If you don’t think that strawberries can help you in removing yellow marks, then you should use salt. Mix it with baking soda and apply onto your teeth.

 5 Apples

If you are in a rush and you can brush your teeth, eat an apple. It works like a charm.

 6 Margosa 

If you have yellow teeth, use margosa leaves, since they do an excellent job in removing bad color.

 7 Basil 

You will have healthy and white teeth if you use basil leaves, since they remove yellow marks, and prevent dental disease.

8 Hydrogen Peroxide 

Add hydrogen peroxide to the water and use it as a mouthwash. You will have whiter teeth almost instantly.

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