Destroy 1.5 Million Dust Mites with One Simple Thing: Don’t Make Your Bed

As the recent study has shown, making the bed just after we wake you can trap inside millions of dust mites, leaving them to spread all our sheets and mattress.

What Are Dust Mites?

There are microscopic small bugs, and they live in our bed, pillows and mattresses. And the most disgusting thing is the fact that dust mites are feeding on our skin cells and sweat. And they are also quickly excreting more than 20 times per just one day. Gross!

In one average bed, and that probably includes yours, lives more than 1.5 million dust mites. But, they are not our biggest concern, their excrement is. It contains protein that in the contact with our skin or if it gets inhaled, get antibodies to level up in our body.

And if antibodies level up, organism starts releasing histamine, which can cause swelling and reddens.

If you have any of the symptoms such as, high fever, coughing, watery eyes and nose, breathing problems or redness of the eyes, you probably have sensitivity to dust mites. You can even notice itchy and red bumps after a night of sleep, for example, because you have been exposed to dust mites.

How to Get Rid Of Dust Mites

If you are sensitive to dust mites, then you should act on it and get rid of them as quick as possible. The most effective and simplest way is also the most surprising one – just don’t make the bed as soon as you wake up.

What hides behind this is the fact that sun and fresh air will destroy and dehydrate them.

So, in order to expose dust mites to the sun, it is advised not to make your bed before evening, so all the bugs will be eliminated. It will also help if you wash your sheets regularly, at least once in a two weeks.

So, if you hated making your bed, now you have a good reason not to do it at all!

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