Cure Escherichia Coli With This Simple, But Powerful Remedy

For this revolutionary product has, allegedly, long been known in some parts of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. If we are to believe those who have tried this herbal mixture, a nun from Herzegovina discovered the life-saving drug for deadly bacteria  Escherichia coli!


Escherichia coli is a gram-negative bacterium, rod-shaped, whose natural habitat is intestine of man and animals. It is a part of the intestinal flora and is essential for digestion and synthesis of some substances, such as vitamin K and the breakdown of lactose.

This bacteria is an indicator of fecal contamination of water and one of the most common causes of bacterial infections in humans. Can cause infection of the gastrointestinal, urogenital, sepsis, meningitis (in the newborn), pneumonia, and so on.

For this revolutionary product, for which the ingredients can be found in almost every store, reportedly has long been known in some parts of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Former patient Ana says that a nun saved his life after the infection during pregnancy ¬†Escherichia coli. Even two different antibiotics didn’t help her, but the miraculous combination made by a nun.

Parsley-Lemon Recipe

In the hope that no one will need, has brought life-saving recipe:

“The root of parsley should be washed, and grinded, as well as lemon. Mix everything together, put it in 200 g of honey and 2 dl olive oil. Pour into a clean glass jar. Take one tablespoon before breakfast, one before dinner, and so until everything is consumed. After you spend this amount, do the analysis. If there are bacteria, repeat with another dose “, reveals Ana.


  • 250 g parsley root,
  • 250 g lemon with rind,
  • 200 g of honey and
  • 2 dl olive oil.
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