How to Cleanse Toxins Stored in Your Fat Cells

Other than fat making you fat, you probably didn’t know that in those fat cells the body stores toxins too? Excessive weight gain and these toxins can influence your body in many ways, physically and internally and can cause you heart problems, diabetes and high blood pressure.

A survey from 1980 showed that almost 90% of the fat cells included nine chemicals, four industrial solvents and one dioxin.

What Are Dioxins?

They are formed during the combustion process and are chemical contaminants. They can be a part of industrial processes to like paper pulp bleaching, herbicide manufacturing and waste incineration.

There are two types of toxins:

Water-Soluble Toxins that can be easily flushed through body liquid, blood and kidneys.

Fat-Soluble Toxins which have to go through the liver in order to become water soluble. In this group pertain the heavy metals, environmental chemicals, pesticides, food additives, preservatives and pollutants.

Why Are Toxins Accumulated As Fat?

Firstly toxins are accumulated into the lymph and later neutralized by the white blood cells. However, in case of a congested lymphatic system this process is severely impaired and so the toxins go back to the liver.

With this, the liver becomes congested and when that happens it expels the fat-soluble toxins into the blood stream and they find their way to the fat cells. This can manifest badly later since it can be a cause for degeneration, oxidative stress and radical cells damage.

How to Remove Toxins:


Regular exercise can prevent a toxic overload and help you flush out toxins through the skin. Other than that the more you move and become active you will have a better functioning cardiovascular system and lymphatic system.

Eat Well

With exercise comes a clean diet, there is no other way. Choose the right food for you and curb your cravings. Ingest more fruits, vegetables, whole grains like quinoa, oatmeal and many other available foods.


Use some all natural recipes for detox water and cleanse your system easily. You can do a periodic detox and that will make the work of your body much easier.


Find some time for yourself in this hectic modern life. Your body does not react well to stress, in fact it is the main reason for inflammation. Do something to keep you away from your stress and calm your mind. Try some good music or an essential oil bath.

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