Breast Cancer And Nutrition

Food we eat may influence the development of the disease (if a person has one). It all depend will it progress, how fast will it grow and will it affect other organs. Breast cancer is hormone-dependent, which means the increased levels of estrogen may encourage tumor to grow. It is considered some groceries influence our metabolism and estrogen absorption and therefore can act as trigger for breast cancer to develop or progress. Some scientists argue that excessive levels of estrogen in younger stage of life may later cause development of breast cancer. So, they advise anti-estrogen diet for younger women as a form of prophylaxis.

Breast Cancer And Nutrition – Forbidden Foods

Women who eat foods with excessive saturated fat and omega-6 fatty acids are in greater danger of developing breast cancer. Some studies have shown that excessive intake of these fats increases the risk of metastasis of breast cancer in armpit lymph nodes and other organs. Additionally, statistics have shown that breast cancer is more frequent in countries where these types of food are eaten largely. Also, if these types of food are eaten after the breast cancer had been treated successfully, there is a greater chance of returning. Why are these fats so dangerous?

Firstly, animal fats make high levels of estradiol hormone in the blood, which increases the tendency of developing cancer in early stages of life. Also, these foods lower the immune system and therefore the body’s ability to fight cancer. Dangerous fats are contained in pig fat, butter, meat, eggs, sweets, and meat products. On the other hand, omega 3 fats, which are considered healthy fats can help in fighting cancer and are great prophylaxis for cancer. They can be found in sea fish, walnuts, and linseed.

Breast Cancer And Nutrition – Healthy Foods


Cabbage – (cabbage, kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower) can help accelerating removal of estrogen from the body by speeding up metabolism. Studies have shown that indoles from these foods can speed up the process of getting rid of the estrogen by 50%. To obtain this effect, it is necessary to eat 400 gr of raw cabbage every day. Vegetables rich in indoles should be eaten raw or cooked for a very short period of time, because cooking takes all the healthy nutrients from it.

Wheat bran – Fiber in bran can decrease estrogen levels. These fibers are insoluble, which is good for bacteria in colon and through this complex biological process decreased levels of estrogen go back to the blood stream.

Beans – contains phytoestrogen which is helpful in blocking estrogen activity – responsible for breast cancer development. Beans also contain several anticarcinogenic substances and are very useful in preventing cancer.


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