Amazing Discovery: Why Should We Keep Our Children’s Baby Teeth

When baby teeth start falling off, parents make a special ritual out of it. That ritual means that the tooth fairy will come and trade money for teeth. Of course, parents are throwing those teeth, but according to a recent study, they shouldn’t do that.

Scientists confirmed – baby teeth keep viable genetic material, that can be used in all kinds of diseases. Baby teeth have stem cells! These cells can regenerate neurons, bone and cartilage, as well, and some of the cells of the heart muscle tissue.

The modern science allows using these cells for recovery of organs. Latest scientific discoveries testify that it is possible to cure leukemia, and Hodgkin disease through the use of child’s stem cells. Previously, this disease only treats the transplantation of bone marrow or other tissues.

In order to preserve stem cells, it baby teeth needs to be frozen 48 hours after relegation. In America and many other countries, there are blood banks and tissue from the umbilical cord and stem cell bank where people can deliver genetic material. If your child becomes ill, it will be safe – the new technology will take care of his health.

If you don’t have a blood bank to keep baby teeth of your child, you can just freeze it and save it for the future.

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