Aluminum Foil Can Save You from Neck, Knees and Back Pain

Aluminum foil has healing properties, and this thing was acknowledged by Russian and Chinese healers. They say that treatment will help with various health problems, but especially pain.

You just need to put the piece of this common kitchen thing, and the pain will disappear in no time. This is happening because the energy flows into biological active point and goes back to the meridian, or starting point.

Treatment with Aluminum Foil

You will need a piece of aluminum foil, and just apply it to the area that hurt. Wrap it with bandage, so it won’t move during the treatment. You will need to repeat this action for 10-12 days, but keep the area covered with foil all the time.

After that, make a break of seven days, and if necessary, repeat the treatment.

If you have chronic neck pain, such as cervical spondylosis, or even stubbing pain in your back, foil will provide you pain relief from it, and also from rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and even cold.

For healing problems mentioned above, you need to put 5-7 layers of foil on your feet, but put a piece of cotton or paper between the layers. Leave it for one hour, make two hour break, and then put the compress on again for one more hour. Make one more break and one more hour of treatment. Through the whole week do this procedure, and you will feel relief.

How this treatment can help best knows Russian scientist S. Skvortsov, and he says that this therapy involves special energy-structuring reassures and things such as aluminum foil.

The Earth’s energy field is interacting with stem cells in our body, but that energy can be interrupted in many ways. So, when we are using aluminum foil, we can redirect that energy in the right way.

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