Alternative Medicine you Probably Did NOT Know About – Mysterious Petroleum

Disclaimer: the purpose of the article is purely informative and does not guarantee a successful treatment

In our previous article we have written about petroleum and its healing properties. Here, we are bringing the story on how to actually use petroleum and cure various diseases. You may use the VAJGURI NATYROR (Albanian pure petroleum) or the one from the pharmacy – Oleum petrae album G179 pure kerosene with max 0,001% aromatic and 185-225 Celsius degrees boiling. Or you can read true story about successful cancer treatment told by Farudin Djeluli

Depending on the purpose of usage, varies the dosage of the petroleum.  People also use it for preventing the diseases.

To begin with, you may use teaspoon of petroleum for preventing diseases. In order to get your organism used to it, you may begin with half of tbs. It should be taken before any meal, on an empty stomach, because it floats and should not mix with foods in your stomach.

Sometimes, it can cause diarrhea, which is a good thing, that means it began cleansing your system. You should not try stopping the diarrhea, rather take the smaller amount of the petroleum. In case of some diseases, you should take a tablespoon of petroleum (equals to 3 teaspoons) because it absorbs in the stomach pretty well and since it needs to come to the intestinal, the greater amount is needed to be taken. If fighting candida, for example, you should take 1 tablespoon or 3 teaspoons.

For preventing the diseases: 

Once a year do the process. For 12 consecutive days, take 1 teaspoon of petroleum. Take the amount 1 hour before having a breakfast for 6 weeks then stop taking it for 8 weeks and then continue for another 4 weeks. If necessary, repeat the process once a year.

If suffering from rheumatism, take a teaspoon 3 times a day after the meal and also rub the amount onto the hurting spot on your skin. Make sure to protect your skin from drying prior to applying, rub in some skin cream. Mix kerosene and olive oil (1:1, or 1:2 olive oil – 1/3 kerosene) and apply.

For blood poisoning: 8 days teaspoon a day.

Also, before going to bed, you may consume kerosene (usually 1 tbsp.) few hours after having a light dinner, with your stomach being semi empty. That way it makes the kerosene to work over the night. You may continue it for 2 months then pause for another 2 months. You may drink cikoria coffee 3 times a day for 2 months with a pause for 2 weeks.

It is not recommended to combine kerosene and chemotherapy.

Use it until the issue is solved or as preventing issues, and use it after having the antibiotics treatment done.

Be cautious when taking the kerosene, it is dangerous if it enters lungs, it may ’burn’ your lungs and accident like this may occur as a side effect  of vomiting after swallowing great amount of kerosene.

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Disclaimer: the purpose of the article is purely informative and does not guarantee about the bad consequences There have been