More Than 75% Of Store-Bought Honey Doesn’t Contain Honey at All

The shocking discovery brought devastating facts that almost 80% of store-bought honey contains no honey at all.

And as that is not enough 100% honey doesn’t contain pollen, when it comes to honey in little packets provided by restaurants and airlines.

These products have been filtered, and because of that pollen is lacking in them. This honey is heated intensely and pushed through tiny filters, then watered down.

So, the US Food and Drug Administration is saying that the honey we eat is not honey at all.

According to the FDA’s definition.

“In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration says that any product that’s been ultra-filtered and no longer contains pollen isn’t honey. However, the FDA isn’t checking honey sold here to see if it contains pollen.

Ultra-filtering is a high-tech procedure where honey is heated, sometimes watered down and then forced at high pressure through extremely small filters to remove pollen, which is the only foolproof sign identifying the source of the honey. It is a spin-off of a technique refined by the Chinese, who have illegally dumped tons of their honey — some containing illegal antibiotics — on the U.S. market for years.”

Here are some fact regarding honey:

  • 77% of honey from Costco, Target and Sam’s Club had no trace of pollen
  • 100% of honey from McDonald’s and KFC had no pollen at all
  • 100% of Winnie the Pooh that is sold in Walmart stores doesn’t have pollen

The sad fact is that people believe they are buying healthy honey, but that is just processed sugar. This honey is heated up so much that it kills almost all healthy ingredients. Processed honey just looks like honey, but it isn’t honey at all.

So, if you want healthy and organic honey, try finding some local honey, since it will have 20 vitamins, 18 amino acids, 16 minerals, and all other nutrients.

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