5 Superfoods That Boost Your Performance

1. Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are not very popular in modern day recipes, but that’s slowly changing. Used originally for medicinal purposes, the sesame seeds were popular among ancient Egyptians.

Little did they know that sesame seeds are full of valuable nutrients, including iron, calcium, copper and magnesium.


Sesame seeds can:

  • Boost heart health
  • Lower risk of diabetes
  • Improve blood pressure

2. Beets

Like other veggies that grow underneath the ground, beets are dirty, yet ridiculously healthy!


They are:

  • An aphrodisiac
  • A great source of fiber
  • Energy boosters
  • Natural cleansers

3. Apples

You probably know this one: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Apples really are that good, mostly because they are packed with essential vitamins that can have quite a positive impact on your health.


They might actually keep the doctor away, because apples:

  • Maintain the health of the digestive tract by preventing gallstones and hemorrhoids
  • Boost your heart health
  • Reduce your cholesterol

4. Ricotta

Similar to Italian food, ricotta cheese is a main ingredient in many lasagnas and calzones. And yes, ricotta is a superfood, as long as it’s low-fat. High in protein and calcium, ricotta boosts bone health just like any other dairy product.


5. Honey

When your throat hurts, what’s the first thing you reach for? Tea with honey. And why is that? It’s because honey is a super food! But note that your local honey is much better for you because it includes local pollen.

Logically, it is the exact same kind that irritates your allergies.


Some of honey’s best benefits include:

  • Relieving sore throats
  • Relieves some allergy symptoms
  • Helps make the digestion smoother.

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