4 Natural Shampoos That Will Save Your Hair

Use only natural shampoos when you wash your hair. Here we present homemade shampoos based on proven recipes.

You see those commercials about miracle shampoos on TV and the Internet almost on a daily basis. They promise fast and long effects and turning your thin, fragile hair into an attractive, healthy hair in a matter of days. Have you ever wondered whether these promises are true or not?

Taking a closer look at the ingredients found in these shampoos will certainly leave you room for suspicion. We all have a routine of using commercial shampoos and conditioners.

In the recent period, many beauty experts recommend the use of homemade shampoos. You can easily make a completely natural shampoo This practice will not only improve the health of your hair, but it will also save you some money. These shampoos are much better than the ones found in stores.

Preparing a shampoo like this is very simple and even from the moment you use this shampoo for the first time, you will notice the positive effects– a shinier, healthier and more attractive hair.

The natural shampoos presented in this article are perfectly safe. These are the instructions for:

Natural shampoos preparation

1. Gelatin-based shampoo.

Gelatin is very useful for the health of hair because it is rich in collagen. This protein is improving the health of the connective tissue. Collagen can surely shape up the hair, but it also has positive effects on blood vessel walls, muscles and skin.
Take one tablespoon of edible gelatin and one egg yolk and stir them slowly. Make sure that there are no lumps present in the mixture. After that, apply the mixture on a wet hair. Leave it for about 10 minutes and take a shower with warm water (use comb to remove the mixture).

This natural shampoo is rich in proteins and that’s why the hair will become more beautiful and attractive. In addition, you can make a solution of gelatin– one tablespoon of gelatin, two egg yolks and three tablespoons of water. In order to get beautiful, stronger and smoother hair, use one bag of gelatin in a small bottle of shampoo. Before you apply it on your hair, shake the bottle.

2. Use eggs on a dry hair.

If you think that your hair is very dry then washing your hair with eggs might help you. Eggs have lecithin and they are packed with almost all amino acids. These substances are excellent for those who want to prevent damages on their hair and remove dandruff.

In order to prepare this shampoo you need to use a whole egg. Mix the white and yolk in warm water (small quantity).

Apply the created foam of the egg on your wet hair and wash it. After that, rinse the hair with lukewarm water. In addition, wash your hair with vinegar and water (vinegar, water ratio should be one tablespoon per 2 liters). You can also rinse the hair with some herbal tea especially if you want to get shiny look.

Many people wash their hair with standard baking soda because this is a very simple and safe method. It is also very cheap alternative to commercial shampoos, conditioners, fresheners, gels and most cleaning products.

What many people don’t know is that baking soda can be used as a remedy in many situations. It has the properties of an alkaline, so when you use it together with water it provides great results for the hair. Baking soda is definitely one simple “remedy” that you can use for your hair.

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