10 Pictures That Will Show You Which Muscle You’re Stretching, This Is Important To Know

It is very important to stretch your muscles if you exercise all the time or sit all day. By stretching, your muscles will receive blood. Your posture will be improved and you will reduce the risk of pain and injuries.

In order to find out if you are stretching properly you have to listen to your body. If you feel bad pain or something is not right then you are not doing the stretch correctly.

While you stretch you need to feel the good pain and be relaxed. You have to concentrate on proper breathing and you have to be focused.

Here are 10 pictures that can help you to find out which muscle you are stretching with your movement.

first pose


1. Camel pose

You use the external obliques and rectus abdominis. It is a good stretch for people who are flexible. Sit on your knees. Your hands have to be placed behind you. Then push your hips up and in front. Do not use a lot of pressure and if you have neck problems, don’t drop the head backwards.

2. Lunge pose

You emphasize the adductors. Set your feet apart and forward. Your legs should be straight. Use your hands and grab the right foot. Then bend the right knee and turn left. Your toes should be pointed to the ceiling. Sit on your right hip. The foot should be on the ground lying flat.

3. Frog pose

In this stretch you also emphasize the adductors. You will feel pressure on your knees. Do the stretch using a towel or a soft surface. At first you need to rest the knees and hands. Your knees should be placed wider and you need to feel the stretch on the groin muscles. By pushing front and up you will feel many different stretches.


4. Butterfly

The muscles that are stretched are the adductors. Place your soles together and sit straight. Put some pressure on the knees by using your hands. If you want to feel the stretch on your groin place your feet much closer towards your body. Place the feet away from the hips and loosen the muscles in your back by slowly rounding the upper body.

5. Neck rotation

You will stretch the sternocleidomastoid. Start and slowly rotate your neck. Elevate your chin a little bit and isolate the sternocleidomastoid. Use the opposite hand to get a deeper stretch.


6. Triangle pose

With this pose you will stretch your external obliques. First of all stand wide and place the front foot straight ahead. The back foot should be at 90 degrees. Then place your hand on the floor or on the front leg. Relax and sit on your hip. Do not arch your back, it has to be straight. Then maintain the focus on the hair that is up in the air and rotate away from the front leg.

7. Child’s pose

The muscles that are going to stretch are the latissimus dorsi. Lie on the floor and place your hands and knees on the floor as well. Place your knees wider if you want to stretch the hips. Your back should be arched. Finally rotate your shoulder externally and stretch the chest and the lats.


8. Front split

You will be stretching your hamstrings and psoas. If you are a beginner do not perform this stretch. You have to be careful because it requires caution. Be especially aware if you have problems with your hips. Start and make a kneeling lunge. You can use a chair that can help you with the stretch until your hamstrings and hip flexor release.

9. Stretching the hip flexors

You will stretch the quadriceps and psoas. Your starting position should be kneeling. Then bring your right hip forward and you will feel the stretch in your front hip. Afterwards take the back foot. Squeeze the back glute and you will feel deep stretch in the hip flexors.

10. Forearm stretch

You will be stretching the forearm extensor. In order to stretch the forearm muscles pack down your back and muscles and rotate the shoulders outwards. Once your body is in this position you should put pressure on the other hand and start stretching. The stretch will be activated once you start to touch your fingers and form them into a tea cup.

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