10 Carcinogen and Toxic Food Made In China You Should Avoid

There are more products than plastic rice that is being produced in China, and they are much more poisonous and cancer causing than you can ever imagine.

Tilapia Fish

This fish is only farmed in China and this is the lowest kind of fish you can buy anywhere. It is farmed in pools of waste water, and in China nobody eats this fish while the 80 percent of this fish in America comes from China.

Cod Fish

It is almost the same as tilapia fish, and more than 50 percent of cod fish in America comes from China.

Plastic Rice

It is made out of artificial potatoes and rice, and it remains hard when cooked. This product can have severe consequences to your health.

Chinese Garlic

Some food inspectors in the USD have found toxic garlic that came from China. It is full of bad chemicals and leaves a bad aftertaste. One-third of garlic in the USD comes from China.

Mud (Allegedly black pepper)

This one sounds unbelievable, but it is true. Mud sold as black pepper can be found in some markets. Manufacturers collect mud and refine and sell it as black pepper.

Green Peas

Green peas are made out of soy beans, green color, snow peas and sodium metabisulfite. This combination is can cause cancer and harm human health. When they are boiled, water becomes green.

Industrial Salt

Industrial salt can’t be used for consumption, but somehow that doesn’t concern China. Consumption of this product can cause mental and physical issues.

Processed Mushrooms

Toxic mushrooms that came from China ended up on the US market. Since 34 percent of the mushrooms in the USA comes from China, this can be a big problem, especially because they are labeled as natural from the manufacturers.


The problem with Chinese chicken is that in China exists a high rate of avian flu, and that can pollute the quality of the chicken. Food experts are advising no to eat chicken that comes from China since the quality of this food is highly questioned.

Chinese Apple Juice

Since the China is well known for the high amounts of pesticides, and the fact that it is not on the labels, apple juice from China can be very dangerous. Instead, try buying organic apples from local farms and make juice out of them.

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