This Women Found Out Trough Facebook That She Has Cancer: Here Are the Symptoms She Had

Laura Everley found out that she has an aggressive type of ovarian cancer through Facebook. She found out that awful news when she saw one post on this social network.

This Women Found Out Trough Facebook That She Has Cancer: Here Are the Symptoms She Had

Laura felt bloated and had pains in the bottom part of the stomach, and she also had constipation and need to urinate a lot, but she thought she had a syndrome of irritable bowl or endometriosis. She suffered from that before, so for Laura, that was the only possible reason according to her.

“The idea of cancer hadn’t even entered my head. You just never dream this going to happen to you,” said Laura.

She stumbled across a post on Facebook, where she saw all her symptoms linked to ovarian cancer and she became concerned. She went to a doctor and test revealed that she had an aggressive ovarian tumor.

Laura had to undergo a hysterectomy to remove her womb and ovaries, but doctors during that procedure already saw that cancer had already begun to spread. She also had chemotherapy, and she and her family are sure she can beat the disease.

This story is one of many that are heartbreaking and giving hope as well. Laura wants to share her story so other women can know the symptoms. She luckily found out about them early, without even looking. She was scrolling Facebook and noticed post raising awareness of ovarian cancer.

“A friend had shared a post from a friend of theirs about her experiences of cancer and what she’d been through,’ said Mrs. Everley. There was a list of symptoms and I realized I had them all. I called my doctor straight away and told her that I thought I might have cancer.”

The most common symptoms of ovarian cancer are spasmodic abdominal pain that lasts more than 14 days, bloated feeling, pressure in the pelvis and nausea. They can also be constipation or diarrhea, or even throwing up. Some women can experience irregular urination, vaginal bleeding, and even pain during intercourse. Also, tiredness, loss of appetite and unusual increase or decrease in weight.

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