Winter Food for Weight Loss

Food that can help you lose more weight? Seems impossible, but it’s true!

Winter Food for Weight Loss

As you’re more likely to eat warmer food during those cold and short days, you’ll surely be exposed to gaining weight. As your goal should certainly be to lose as much weight as you can this winter, here are some foods that are not only for weight loss, but for the cold weather as well:

  1. Oatmeal – there’s just nothing like a hot bowl of your favorite oatmeal in the winter. It’s not only tasty and pleasant, as they are loaded with good carbs and nutrients that will surely make you full of necessary energy and healthy too.
  2. Honey – If you’re looking for something that is healthy and sweet too, then honey is your friend. It’s the most natural sweetener that one can find. But don’t eat too much of it, as it has the same amount of calories and sugar once you compare it to ordinary sugar.
  3. Coconut milk – some researches suggest that some of the contents present in this delicious coconut milk can help you speed up your own metabolism, which often promotes weight loss. But be careful and read labels, as some brands can be very high in calories.
  4. Potatoes – a very healthy vegetable that has a reasonable amount of calories, and it mostly doesn’t promote weight gain.
  5. Dark chocolate – you can’t just toss away everything sweet from your diet, right? Eating a bit of dark chocolate can satisfy you in terms of your need for sweets, but it also has antioxidants, which you will surely benefit from.
  6. Greek yoghurt – f you haven’t known, Greek yoghurt contains more protein than an ordinary yoghurt serving. Replacing mayo with this food will surely get you much closer to your goals.
  7. Oysters – a food that has so much protein, yet so little fat. Also, they have a lot of healthy minerals, like calcium, fluoride, and iodine, and has a decent amount of vitamin B.
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