Why Pears Are Good For You

Pears are a great and natural way to battle a lot of your everyday troubles and help build your organism’s strength

Why Pears Are Good For You

Traditional medicine has been recognizing the health benefits of pears for a long time.

Before we say more about this subject, we would like to point out that pears should not be eaten on an empty stomach or after meats or other heavy foods.

You should especially make sure you don’t drink water after eating a pear, because it might cause diarrhea. On the other hand, if you suffer from constipation, pears are a great solution to your problem.

Both fresh and canned pears help with bowel cleansing. This is because of pectin, a complex molecule found in pears that acts as a diuretic and has a slight laxative effect.

Pectin found in pears can help lower cholesterol, and it works best with fresh unpeeled pears that have a soft and thin skin.

Food for Infants

Many doctors recommend pears as one of the first fruits a young baby tastes. Though these claims have not been scientifically proven, nobody can call into question the easy digestibility of pureed pears, so this remains a parent favorite option.

Another good reason for feeding your infant their first pear is that they very rarely cause allergies to develop, unlike most other fruits.

A Way to Slow Down Ageing

A minimum of 3 fruit based meals a day can lower the risk of ageing related macular degeneration by 36%. The data published in Archives of Ophthalmology shows that these health-boosting properties are due to antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E found in pears.


Lowering the Risk of Stroke

The antioxidant glutathione found in pears helps lower blood pressure and reduces the risk of having a stroke.

Another antioxidant, quercetin, which helps prevent arterial damage that leads to heart disease and in some cases cancer, can also be found in this great fruit.

Protecting from Diabetes

Pears have been found to have a key role in type 2 diabetes prevention. Research has shown that certain types of flavonoids can help increase insulin sensitivity, out of which 3 types of flavonoids are the most effective – flavonols, anthocyanin and flavan-3-ols.

These same 3 types can be found in pears. But a new study from Nurses Health Study showed that the combination of apple and pear has the most effect on lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes. Diabetics are counciled to take fresh pear juice 30 minutes before every meal.

Curing Prostatitis

Traditional medicine has been using pears to heal prostatitis, which is one of the most common urological diagnoses for men younger than 50, for thousands of years.

Pear leaf tea helps pass kidney stones and sand, helps eliminate bacteria from the urinary tract, and it can also help with joint inflammation.

Improving the Health of Your Heart

Because of their high potassium and sodium content, pears help eliminate excess fluids from the body and lower high blood pressure, help establish normal heart function, improve neural impulse transmission and the way our muscles work.

Besides potassium and sodium, pears contain a lot of folic acid, which reduces chances of developing arthritis and rheum, and is essential to a healthy neuro-muscular connection.


Reducing Exhaustion

Eating pears is a recommendation with exhaustion, dizziness, a racing heart-beat, loss of appetite and a weakened immunity. If you suffer form anemia, eat two large pears as a desert after lunch every day.

In this case, the pears should be peeled and the flesh should be mixed with 2 spoonfuls of honey.

Removing Coughing and Curing Bronchitis

Pears and dried pear extract help reduce coughing and fevers. Cooked and baked pear can be used as a treatment for bronchitis and lung tuberculosis.

Lowering a Fever

For centuries pears have been used to treat fevers. A large glass of squeezed pear juice will bring an immediate cooling sensation to the patient.


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