The Whole World Went Crazy for This Doctor: You Need to Read His 14 Pieces of Advice About Children

Evgeny Olegovich Komarovsky is one of the most recognizable pediatricians in the Europe.

The Whole World Went Crazy for This Doctor: You Need to Read His 14 Pieces of Advice About Children

Here are 14 citations of this pediatrician that will help you with many things:

  1. 100% of the human population knows how to make a child, but 99.9% of them don’t know how to create a human.
  2. A Happy child is first a healthy child, and only then a child that can read or play a violin.
  3. The child doesn’t own anybody anything.
  4. Psychological well-being of a mother is the most important task of the father. His responsibility is to solve all the problems with relative and neighbors.
  5. A happy child is a child who has a mother and father, who have time not only to love that child but also each other.
  6. Numerous pediatricians can’t solve the health problems of a child. That is impossible because children’s health depends on a large amount of his mother and father.
  7. When parents come to me with a sick child, I give them the advice to get a dog. Because the dog is a reason for parents to take their child out for a walk too, two times a day.
  8. Your child should be exactly like that – skinny and active.
  9. I am quite sure that most of the children are born healthy, but their health is demolished by parents and medical workers.
  10. If your child is sick, and if it didn’t run, maybe the better impact on him can have countryside than a holiday in the Mediterranean in a five-star hotel.
  11. When the baby is born, it is a biological creature, same as the baby bear, wolf or pig. Because of that, the basic task in the first stage of life is to hold on to biology so we can later go in sociology.
  12. Essence and ideology about disposable diapers are that the child doesn’t need them. The child’s mother needs them!
  13. Happiness and health of the family are the most important thing. The family should behave according to the interests of family, not the child. I cannot image that my child gets chocolate and not to share it in four parts.
  14. The most important: you are not the center of the universe. We, as a family – that is the center of the universe. Good people are always good, everywhere and to everyone good too. Share everything good: Mood, food, and things. Do not whine.
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