What to do after a half marathon?

So you’ve finished a half marathon. What goes next?

What to do after a half marathon?

You’ve literally killed yourself for tomorrow’s half marathon race. By now, you probably know what to eat the night before, what to drink in the morning, and you might even have planned what to wear.

Being prepared is awesome, but the actions you take after your race are just as important as what you’ve done before it. Good recovery is needed to bounce back quickly after the half marathon.

Follow these steps to ensure the best recover after race day.

Don’t Stop

You’re feeling victorious and exhausted as well. That’s all great, but don’t even think about sitting on the concrete right after passing that finish line. Don’t stop moving. Do a light and short jog in order to give your legs time to cool off. It also prevents cramps.


It’s important to drink fluids after the race as much as you did during it. Water is good, but it’s better to drink something with electrolytes or some juice.


The most important step is this one. Stretch your legs as to get better quicker.

Eat Something

After the race, find the time to eat something. Most of the races might have foods like bananas, bagels and sports bars. Grab whatever suits your fancy and eat like you never did before.

Cool Off

If you’re starting to feel pain after the race, make sure to get some ice and start the healing process right away.

Take a Recovery Run

If you feel up to the small challenge, jog or walk around your block. It might seem dumb, but it’s actually a good thing.You might want to start training for another half marathon or a shorter race, or you may even request some down time just to stop racing for a bit. Either way, a good recovery will ensure you the best possible memory of your accomplishment.

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