What Is A Healthy Weight?

If you are an adult, doctors use something called Body Index (BMI) to decide whether your weight could be your health. To work out your BMI, you need to your height as well as your weight.


Most people who succeed in losing weight say that they:

  • feel better;
  • have better health; and
  • have much more energy.

They also enjoy things like wearing their favourite clothes, being able to sit comfortably in cosy restaurants and going through turnstiles without feeling embarrassed.

How would losing weight make a difference?

For adults, losing just a little weight – even half a stone or a stone – can bring important health benefits.

If you lost 5 to 10% of your weight, it could reduce your blood pressure, risk of diabetes and blood cholesterol levels.

This chart gives you an idea of what 5% or 10% weight loss would mean in actual weight. Remember, it is best to lose weight gradually at a rate of about 1–2lb (1⁄2–1kg) a week, so it could take at least three to six months.


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