Weight training for beginners – tips

Some tips for those who have just signed up for a gym

Weight training for beginners – tips

Want to get fit? Want to start a new strength or weightlifting program, but don’t know where to start? You’re new at the gym, and you don’t know what to lift or how to use any of the machines? Here’s some help!

The following are the basic guidelines for starting out a new weightlifting program; whether you want to improve strength, lose weight, or simply improve your overall fitness, this article helps you figure things out and get started off on the right foot.

Strength training provides amazing results. Consistent training can provide benefits for your muscles, increasing their size and strength. This adds up to a much better looking body that is less likely to get injured.

To start, bring a towel and wipe off the machines and the equipment after you use them. Be sure to return all the weights after finishing an exercise and replace all the dumbbells or barbells that are used. Don’t rest for too long on a machine that someone is waiting for.

If it’s possible, work along with them. Most people will share when asked nicely. Finally, leave your cell phone in your locker, car, or jacket, because nothing is more annoying than listening to someone’s conversation over the phone.

The most common mistakes which you should avoid are:

Using too much weight, too soon – always start lower than your expected ability, working towards your maximum. If you’re swinging the weight, or using movement that isn’t meant for a specific exercise, this means you may be using too much weight. You can get yourself injured if you keep doing that.

Not using enough weight – be careful with the weight, but if you can perform 30+ reps with a certain weight, it’s about time to increase it.

Moving through repetitions too quickly – you don’t gain anything by lifting weights fast. Lifting weights slowly will get you better results. Note that a joint is as strong as the muscles that cross it.

Not resting long enough, or resting too long – both can be a workout killer. Resting too much or too short is counterproductive for your workout. The recommended rest period should be in between 30-90 seconds (mostly 60), for overall fitness.

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