Weight loss – how to stay motivated

If you’re struggling, you’ll surely be more likely to quit.

Weight loss – how to stay motivated

Are you surprised to see those amazing transformations of people who have lost over a half of their previous body weights in a reasonably short period? Do you feel like you’re never going to achieve those results? This article here is meant to make you think otherwise, because there is no way that you can’t lose the weight that’s on your stomach and under your chin.

First of all, have you imagined yourself with 20 kilograms less? Ever? No? Visualizing yourself in those skinny jeans is possibly the first step that’s going to get you to the gym faster.

Define your motivation – as weight loss is a process consisted out of three parts: exercising, cutting calories, and your mental outlook. That third one is what makes the difference between your success and failure to accomplish your goals.The key thing here is to have (or adopt) the right attitude before starting your plan; if you really want to slim down, you’ll need to think for the long term.

Choose a goal that’s reachable – not something like losing 35 kilograms within a 6 month period, that’s impossible. Think smaller and try to lose 10% of your starting body weight during that same time. If you lose more than that, you’ll take it as a bonus for your motivation.

Design your own diet – instead of going for a diet that’s universal for everyone, try cooking and eating something that you’ll like, but make sure it’s close to the original plan, as you want to start small. Little changes to the way that you eat can add up to some big results.

Get your priorities straight – as soon as you wake up, set your goals for that day. Also, keep a record of your exercises and write down what you’ve eaten.

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