Warm-up tips before weightlifting

Here are some do’s and don’ts on the thing that comes before the weightlifting.

Warm-up tips before weightlifting

You’re the one that can make or break your own workout before it actually starts, did you know that? Before picking up that dumbbell, consider warming up in order to do your best every time. But, the question here is: “Can you reach your full potential by warming up?”

First of all, a big mistake is to go through your warm-up routine quickly, which can only do bad for you. It doesn’t increase the body’s temperature, nor does it get your joints ready for those complex exercises. Instead, a good lasting warm-up routine can help you push those weights better and easier. Sometimes, you might even see immediate improvements in your dead-lift or squat, as there’s a strong performance boost that a good warm-up brings, not to mention how much it lowers your chances of getting injured.

Avoid poor warm-ups, take a couple of minutes before every workout, as it’s good for you. Prepare yourself, build more strength, and finally prevent injuries.

Here’s why most warm-ups fail:

Most people just go to the gym, do a small number of stretches they’ve remembered from school, and they end up riding the stationary bike for a few minutes just to break a sweat. And that’s their whole warm-up routine.

Remember that something like that will never prepare you for those intense workouts, where you’ll have to give your max, because riding a stationary bike for 5 minutes followed by a 100-kilogram bench press will only get you to the emergency room. Make your warm-up routine something more than that, and you’ll surely not be that guy.

A good warm up routine consists of these exercises:

  • Foam rolling
  • Supine bridges
  • the split stance abductor mobility
  • Quadruped extensions
  • Rocking ankle mobilization
  • Scapular wall slides
  • Spiderman with reach plus a hip lift
  • High knee skips
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